Less Frequently Asked Questions

What are the award categories and prizes?

1.) Best Conversation

Winners will share the Impossible Conversation Award, $1,000 ($500 per participant), and review and publication to Areo Magazine. Honourable mentions will receive $200 ($100 per participant).


2.) Best Conversationalist

The winner will receive the Best Conversationalist Award, $500, and an invitation to appear on the Intellectual Explorers Podcast, Two for Tea, and This is 42's Guide To Find Meaning. Honorable mentions each receive $100.

Can I have multiple conversations?

Please do; every conversation will be entered into the competition.

Could I win multiple awards?
Sure, that’s possible. 

Where can I find someone to converse with?

These are some places you can share you conversation proposals, and look for pen pals: 

Or shoot an email to humans@karma.wiki and we'll help.

How will the winners be selected?

Conversations that are both difficult and productive will have the best chance at success. A productive conversation guides the participants and readers closer to the truth.

We do not, however, have a formal judging criteria. We'll be leaning on our judges to explain their thoughts and decisions as the competition unfolds.

I know the perfect conversation for this competition!

That’s not a question, but I like your enthusiasm! Propose the conversation publicly, and if it transpires you'll be entered into a draw to win $250 plus a copy of How to Have Impossible Conversations

Tweet proposals like this:

"I'd love to see a conversation between @Person1 and @Person2 about #Topic on letter.wiki #ImpossibleConversations”

How can I have better conversations?

We're hoping you can help answer that question. These are some resources you may find useful:

Who is organising this competition?

The competition is run by Clyde, Dayne, Ryan, and Jackson (of Letter), Helen Pluckrose and Iona Italia (of Areo Magazine), and with the help of our ambassadors Peter Limberg and Conor Barnes.

What is Letter/Areo?

Letter is a platform for thoughtful conversation, and Areo is a non-partisan digital magazine focused on Enlightenment liberalism, humanism, secularism and freedom of expression.